Music has been a part of my life for as long as I remember.  Anyone who knows me knows that.  I can remember even as a young child that we would often wake up on weekend mornings and hear my parents listening to jazz records.  My parents loved music and would often call us over to listen to specific instruments or passages.  At that time, the most prized piece of furniture in our home was a large stereo with a built in television.  Holidays usually consisted of my grandmother playing piano and the family gathering around to sing.
As a child, the only Christmas presents that I can recall, were when I received a transistor radio, an accordion, and a guitar.  Those were my favorite presents. Nothing else mattered.
During my college years, my most prized possessions were my stereo systems and record collection.  I always appreciated good quality sound. I detested cheap stereos and I would sometimes replace the needle and install better speakers in the existing boxes. 


Ever since I bought my first new car in 1977, I have had custom stereo systems in my cars.  I would buy the best components that I could afford, Alpine, MB Quart, Audio Control, JL, and Focal.  I could never do without amplifiers,  equalizers or sub-woofers. 

Now days, audiophile level equipment for cars is not commonly available.  There aren’t many installers who even know how to install quality equipment anymore. Car manufactures have tried to improve available stereo systems but, they can’t touch a candle to the good stuff. Now that I no longer commute 90 miles a day back and forth to work, I don’t spend enough time in my car to appreciate the sound system.

I have transferred my love and ear for music to being a DJ.  It allows me to listen, tweak, manipulate and bring joy to my audiences.

I love being a DJ because music can evoke strong emotions. It can also help create beautiful memories of important events in people’s lives.  I play many types of music, Pop, Rock, Metal, EDM, Club, R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Top 40, Easy listening, Latin, Jazz, Oldies, and Country. I love it all.  I strive to set the appropriate atmosphere whether it’s a party, wedding or corporate event.

I like to play songs that take you back to happy times in your life as well as songs that help create new memories.

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Customer Raves

"We hired her to DJ our wedding. What a great choice! She not only handled emcee duties like a seasoned pro, but the dance floor was packed all night!.  We had a Blast!"

– Carol & Evan."

She did our Alumni Reunion.  Her music made the party, what memories! We would definitely hire her again.

- Berry C.

She did a 70's Birthday Party for me.  The music was the highlight.  I would highly recommend her and seek opportunities to hire her again.

- Kathy T.

We hired her to do our family reunion.  Her music created a wonderful atmosphere.  We will never have another family reunion without her.

- The Wilsoms